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We’re Not Dealing With a Golden Calf: It’s a Whole Herd

January 2022 • The head of state is, in many ways, the one to whom desperate and hopeful citizens turn. Having made promises of...

| January 2022

Atheism and the Morality of Murder

January 2022 • Atheists often claim that they not only refuse but condemn beliefs without scientific...

The Growth of Atheism in America

January 2022 • “The definition of ‘atheist’ is a person who does not believe in the existence of a...

Strength in Singularity and America’s Self-Destructive Homage to Deities

January 2022 • Introduction The United States of America is not crumbling. It is unraveling. As...

American Youth Turning Away from Churches

January 2022 • As an Ahmadi Muslim, I do not have firsthand knowledge of why one would disassociate...

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My North American Hijra

December 2021 • I am 63 years old. And I am proud to be a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I...

| December 2021


Attitude of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) towards Race

November 2020 • Society has called attention to racism now more than ever with the recent incidents of...

| November 2020

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Natural Disasters or Divine Punishment

October 2020 • “Never did We send a Prophet to any town, but We seized the people thereof with...

| October 2020

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The Revolution of Race Relations as Envisioned by Qur’anic Revelation

September 2020 • Introduction It is not an uncommon belief that humanity is fast approaching the pinnacle...

| September 2020


The Plague of Amwas

July 2020 • Today we are experiencing an unprecedented event in our world history, as the Covid-19...

| July 2020


Islamic Response to Pandemics and Plagues

July 2020 • The terms ta’un (plague) and waba (epidemic or pestilence) have been...

| July 2020

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