In the latter days, the sun shall rise from the West.
- Holy Prophet Muhammad
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New Issue
2017_fall_cover.pngNew Issue: Fall 2017

System of Justice in Islam

From the high echelons of international relations down to the smallest domestic level, fairness and justice among members of human society are essential requirements for maintaining peace and harmony.

In the present issue of the Muslim Sunrise, we have tried to cover various aspects of Islamic system of justice.


We hope you will enjoy reading and reflecting on this important topic. Please feel free to give us your feedback; it will be much appreciated. 

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Fall 2017 Leaders

2013_fall_leaders_1.png The Path to Peace - Just Relations between Nations
 Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, June 27, 2012
Capitol Hill, Washington D.C, USA 

 "The truth is that peace and justice are inseparable—you cannot have one without the other. Certainly, this principle is something that all wise and intelligent people understand. Leaving aside those people who are determined to create disorder in the world, no one can ever claim that in any society, country or even the entire world, that there can be disorder or a lack of peace where justice and fair dealing exist. "
What the Holy Qur'an Can Teach the World about Justice
By Tariq Sharif
"The Qur'an establishes the minimum requirements of human interaction as 'Adl or justice, meaning giving what is due. However, the Qur'an lays out a deeper wisdom, that there is a higher level of doing good above and beyond the basic limit." 
Islam's Response to Misconceptions about Sharia Law
By Anser Ahmad, Esq
"While often thought of as a legal system, Sharia is much broader and covers personal and collective spheres of daily life and has three components: belief, character, and actions. Only a small portion of the “action” component relates to law. In fact, only about 80 of the Qur’an’s 6,348 verses are about specic legal injunctions."
Special Items

Calgary Peace Symposium

Nov 11, 2016 


Justice Administered Within the Ottoman Empire
By Khalida Jamilah
"IThe Ottomans, being good Turks, also relied heavily on their ancestral practices, which sustained them before Islam and helped them to gain their empire."

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Links to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
lahoreattack.jpgLinks to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
The Muslim Sunrise Team has categorized various internet links related to the May 28, 2010 terrorist attacks on Ahmadi Mosques in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as other acts of violence against Ahmadi Muslims.
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