What is Racism?

July 2021 • In the past, racism was de­fined as discrimination, inequality, and prejudice directed at an individual or group,...

| July 2021

Election 2020: Peaceful Transitions, a Thing of the Past?

July 2021 • “Americans are more deeply divided and angry with each other today than at any time...

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Its Worldwide Devastation

July 2020 • When we hear the word devastation, an image that comes to mind is of a ruined building in...

The Bubonic Plague: Prophecies of the Promised Messiah (as)

July 2020 • COVID-19 garnered early comparisons to the Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed at least 20...

Islamic Response to Pandemics and Plagues

July 2020 • The terms ta’un (plague) and waba (epidemic or pestilence) have been...

AhmadiyyaIslamReligious Concepts

Defining the West: Historical Development of the Concept of the West

June 2020 • The four cardinal directions, or cardinal points, are the directions north, east, south,...

| June 2020


Al-Mujeeb: the Answerer of Prayers

October 2019 • An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga in the early hours of...

| October 2019

GodIslamReligious Concepts

Al-Khaliq: the Creator

October 2019 • There are three ways one may study attributes of Allah: The attribute by itself, With...

| October 2019

IslamReligious ConceptsSocietyThe Khalifa

Justice System During Early Khilafat

November 2018 • “Darul-Qadha’a during the Rightly-Guided Khulafa” Throughout known human history...

| November 2018

IslamPoliticsReligious Concepts

Islam’s Response to Misconceptions about Sharia Law

November 2018 • “Islam’s Response to Misconceptions about Sharia Law” In the West, Sharia is being...

| November 2018

Holy QuranIslamPrayerReligious ConceptsSociety

“What Can the Holy Quran Teach the World about Justice”

November 2018 • Have you ever been wronged by another person? Has someone you care about been wronged by...

| November 2018

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