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Editorial — 2021, Issue 1

‘Transfer of Power’

On January 6, 2021, the world watched in disbelief as an extremely disturbing and distressful event unfolded in the United States of America (USA). An event linked to the imminent transfer of power following recently held Presidential elections came to pass at the heart of American democracy. A mob provoked to mistrust and anger by the defeated President’s rhetoric, stormed the United States Capitol Building, disturbing the legal process of transition of power, and vandalizing the o­ffices. Cameras showed scuffles breaking out within the building, and outside between the law enforcement o­fficials and the mob. Such a violent and offensive onslaught had never been witnessed in the history of the USA. As the Washington Times posted, it was an “Assault on Democracy.” 

This unsettling incident compelled us to carefully study the subject of transfer of power, be it political, religious, or relating to economic institutions. World history provides many examples of transition of power. In this issue of the Muslim Sunrise, we have tried to cover not only the processes of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian leadership changeover, but also samples of political transition of some heads of states, either peacefully or by force. It goes without saying that this is an extremely important and vast subject; we invite our readers to study the articles and give us their feedback.

Mubasher Ahmad

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