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Year, IssueContents
2023, JuneInviting the World Towards Peace
2023. MaySpirituality – Fundamental Part of Faith
2023. AprilWar & Peace
2023. MarchStatus of Women and Women’s Rights in Islam
2023. FebruaryNine Faithful Witnesses to the Truth of Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam
2023. JanuaryThe Islamic Perspective on Racism
2022. DecemberExploring the Islamic Perspective on Jesus
2022. NovemberFath-e-Azeem – A Great Victory
2022. OctoberPurpose of Life
2022. SeptemberSecond Coming of the Awaited Messiah
2022. AugustProphecies in the Holy Qur’an
2022. JulyUniversal Teachings of the Holy Quran
2022. JuneIslam and Social Justice
2022. MayTrue Khilafat
2022. AprilProphet Muhammad (SA): A Universal Role Model
2022, MarchGod the Source of Peace
2022, FebHow to Win God’s Love
2022, JanDoes America Need God?
2021, II–IIISpecial Centennial Issue
2021, ITransfer of Power
2020, IIIThe Heart-Wrenching Malady of Racism
2020, IIPandemics
2020, IThe Sun Shall Rise From the West
2019, IVSuccess
2019, IIIDivine Attributes of Allah
2019, IILeadership
2019, IFinancial Sacrifice
2018, IVRevelation
2018, IIIPrayer
2018, IIChallenges Faced by Religions
2018, ISpirituality
2017, IVNatural Disasters
2017, IIISystem of Justice in Islam
2017, IIHospitality
2017, IHouse of God
2016, IVUnity in Diversity
2016, IIILoving Your Neighbor
2016, IITrue Islam and the Extremists
2016, IThe Dajjal/Antichrist
2015, IVMarriage: Foundation of Domestic Life
2015, IIITruth
2015, IIChastity
2015, IFreedom of Speech
2014, IVUnderstanding True Khilafah
2014, IIIImam Mahdi
2014, IIRevelation
2014, IService to Humanity
2013, IVShariah
2013, IIIAngels of God
2013, IICreationism
2013, ISpiritual Enlightenment
2012, IVTrue Love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
2012, IIIThe Path to Peace
2012, IIIn Defense of Islam: Confronting the Critics
2012, IAztecs and Mayans: The End of an Empire
2011, IV5 Questions: Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
2011, IIIHoly Bible & Holy Quran
2011, III Shall Cause Thy Message To Reach The Corners of The Earth
2011, IIslam and Our Environment
2010, IVTerrorism Has No Religion
2010, SpanishSpanish – Special Issue (Available from Publications Dept, AMI, Silver Spring, MD)
2010, ConvertsSpecial Issue for New Members (Available from Publications Dept, AMI, Silver Spring, MD)
2010, IIIPakistan’s Black Friday – May 28, 2010
2010, IIZion, Illinois – A coincidence, or did the Hand of God touch this midwestern town?
2010, IAn invitation to “Real” Secrets of the Holy Qur’an
2009, IVHoly Qur’an: Allah’s Words
2009, IIICharity
2009, IIEconomic Chaos: Islamic Solutions
2009, IThe Golden Age of Islam: Leadership through the Ages
2008, IVChange: The Muslim Perspective
2008, IIIInvitation to World Religions
2008, IISpecial issue on Khilafat
2008, IForgive Me God for I Have Sinned
2007, IVSecond Coming of the Messiah
2007, IIIIslamic Perspective on Government
2007, IIIslam and American Society
2007, IGod’s Prophets: A Rejoinder to US News and World Report’s ‘Mysteries of Faith: The Prophets’
2006, IVThe Soul
2006, IIIThe Holy Qur’an
2006, IIThe Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)
2006, IThe Concept of God in World Religions
2004, III-IVThe Cairo Debate: Muslim v. Christian on the True Story of Jesus Christ
2004, I-IIMetaphorical Light, Literal Darkness: Christian Theology and Modern Scholarship
2003, IVJesus in Inda: A review of world literature; Conditions of Bai’at (Initiation)
2003, IIIJihad against a Just Ruler?
2003, IIProphets of God: Islamic View of the Prophecy Through Ages from Adam to Jesus
2003, IKnowledge of the Unseen: In Islam and Christianity
2002, IVThe Holy Prophet Muhammad: An Essay by Imam M. A. Cheema
2002, IIIIslam: A Religion of Peace and Love: An Essay by Imam I. H. Kauser
2002, IIThe Prince of Peace; Homegrown terrorism
2002, IWhat is the Motive behind Islamic Terrorism? The True Meaning of Islam Unveiled by M.A. Cheema
2001, III-IV Special Issue on Jihad. The Meaning of Jihad. Comparative Religions Teachings on War and Peace. Responsibility of the Afghan Government.
2001, I-IIPromised Messiah’s Prayer Duel with Alexander Dowie; Address by M.M. Ahmad at Messiah 2000 Conference; Three Questions by a Christian Answered; Promised Messiah Destined to Receive Revelation
2000, III-IVAnalysis of Charges Made by ldara Da’wat-o-Itihad, U.S.A., Inc. Against the Holy Founder of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah And Mahdi (peace be upon him) by Al-Haj A. U. Kaleem
2000, IJihad; Question of Suffering; Worship of God
1999, IVJesus was Honored in the East; Jesus was saved from the death on the Cross; Some Distinctive features of Islam; The meaning of Divine Light; The Reality of Son of God
1999, II-IIIJesus did not die on the Cross; Muhammad the Last Law Giver; Variation in the Bible; Gratitude; Hinduism; Anecdotes on Christians
1999, I The Cursed Law and the False Gospel: A Response by Imam M. A. Cheema to The False Gospel of Islam by Ric Llewellen of the Fundamental Evangelistic Association of America
1998, III-IV Knowledge and Education in Islam
1998, II Brother hood of Man; Trial of a Leper, a Bald One and a Blind One; The True Meaning of Jihad; Some Distinctive Features of Islam; Three Miracles of Jesus Christ
1998, IConcept of Unity in Islam; Exalted Status of the Seal of the Prophets; Jesus, Son of Mary; Matters of the Heart
1995, I-II In the Light of Surah Fatihah; Christianity Today and the Coming of the Promised Messiah; Nature of Qur’anic Teachings; Understanding the Islamic Principle of Submission; Jihad in Islam;
1991, IVIslam in Western Africa; Philosophical Explanation of the Doctrine of Hell; Lost Tribes of Israel;
1991, IRelation of Prophet Muhammad to Other Religions; Miracles of the Promised Messiah; Jesus in Islam
1990, IV Jehad against falsehood; Islamic laws of marriage; The Qur’an and Islam in Africa: the views of a Christian missionary by Tayler Lewis, LLD; Holy Prophet Muhammad as Khataman Nabiyyeen; Old, familiar Bible passages rewritten one more time by Marjorie Hyer; Why I believe in Islam by Patricia Shahid
1990, IIIIslam and Science by Dr. Abdus Salam; Overcoming Religious Prejudice by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Islam: A Religion of Terrorism?; Leadership through Khilafat; Khataman Nabiyyeen Interpretations
1989, IIIIslamic Response to Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
1989, IISPECIAL! Centenary Issue: Celebrating One Hundred Years of Ahmadiyya
1988, IIThe Awaited One of All Ages; Beauties of Islam; Christianity Refuted in the Bible; Impact of the Holy Qur’an by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad; Light from Majlis Irfan
1988, I Exalted Status of the Holy Prophet; Ahmadiyya Martyrs; Muhammad: The New Hope; Why I believe in Islam
1987, IIIProphecies about the Promised Messiah; No Compulsion in Religion; Jesus’ Survival; A.I.D.S. Against Religious Background; From Church to Mosque; Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at
1987, IIObjectives and Achievements of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Finality of Prophethood; Art and Music in Islam; Surrogate Mothers
1987, IPower of Prayer; Revival of Islam; How I Captured the Truth by Maryam Saliha; Cultural Mix in Islam; Truth is One, Paths are Many by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad; Muslim Contributions to Science; Westernization and Islam
1986, II Promised Messiah for All Nations; Islamic Jihad; True Islam; Divine Message
1985, II Islam and Peace; Islamic Values in Education
1985, I Ahmadiyya and the Philosophy of Revival of Religion; Invitation to Islam
1984, I William Safire’s Malicious Attack on Islam; Advent of the Reformer of our Age; Maulana Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad, New Missionary and National President
1983, III-IVCurrent Trends in Islamic Thought; How to Uproot Evil: Some Suggestions; Ahmadiyya Beliefs: Some Allegations Removed; The First Muezzin; Which Islam?; The Vedas and the Quran; Jihad: Does it Mean Violence?; Science: The Islamic Legacy
1983, I Democracy, Communism and Khilafat; Deity of jesus; The Role of Women in Islam; Light from the East; Jesus: The Messenger of Allah; Jesus in the Quran; Attitudes Towards Science and Islam;
1982, IIIPresident Reagan’s Perception of Jihad in Islam; What is Sin?; Predestination in Islam; An Unprecedented Migration; The Fast of Ramadan; Islam and Peace: A Testimony; The Muslim Republics in the Soviet Union
1982, IIIslamic Response to a Call from the Vatican; Islam and the Freedom of Belief; Muhammad, the Benefactor of Women; Prophecies in the Quran; The Mystical Moses
1982, I Islam’s Response to the Challenge of the Cancun Conference; The Concept of “Second Coming” in World Religions; New Research on Jesus, The Cross, and the Shroud of Turin; The Torah, the New Testament and the Quran; A Cursory Glance on the Bible
1981, III-IV Assassination Attempt on the Pope’s Life; Islamic Concept of State; Perfect Guidance; From Cross to Kashmir; Good Morals; Islam Through Christian Eyes
1981, I-II Sufism; Significance of Spiritual Values; Philosophy of Revelation; Entering the Gateway of Islam; Research on the Shroud of Turin Updated
1980, I-IIThe Pope and the World’s Needy; Meeting Grounds for Science and Religion; Islam: Its Message; The Nature of Quran, Islam, and Jihad: Some Observations by Western Historians; Science on the Shround of Turin; Human Element in the Bible
1979, I-II The Most Influential Person in History; Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross in Light of Odes of Early Christians and Dead Sea Scrolls; Current Debate over the Divinity of Jesus; Book Reviews
1978, III Islamic Attitude Towards Non-Muslims; Miracles of the Promised Messiah; Gleanings From the Press; Jesus of Nazareth; Islam and Its Growth in America
1978, I-II One is the Human Spirit by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan; Glimpse into the Life of Prophet Muhammad by Imam A. U. Kaleem; Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?; Future of Judaism; Jewish Scholars and Historical Jesus; Book Reviews on Jesus Christ’s Life After Crucifixion
1977, III Islam and World Peace; Observations by Khalil Nasir: Waiting for New Reformers and Messiahs, Biblical Interpretation; Problem of Occupied Lands and Israel’s Future; Deliverance from the Cross; Life Sketch of First Ahmadi Khalifa Nooruddin; Concept of Knowledge in the Holy Qur’an
1977, II Better Understanding of Islam in the West; Jesus Did Not Die on the Cross; British Thelogians Say Jesus is not Divine; The Problem of Abortion and its Solution in Islam; Ahmadiyyat in the UK
1977, I Sermons of Khalifatul Masih III, Hafiz Mirza Nasir Ahmad
1976, III-IV Visit of Khalifatul Masih III to North America
1976, I-II Blessings of Khilafah; A Universal Spiritual Revolution; Ahmadiyya in America; Toward Permanent World Peace; Slavery: Islamic and Christian Viewpoints
1975, IV The Islamic concept of the human community; One is the human spirit; Golden deeds of present khalifa; History of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam in America; New World Order?
1975, IIISpecial Convention Issue
1975, II The Holy Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Exemplar; Advent of Muhammad Foretold; Muhammad, Unifier of Mankind; The Holy Qur’an: Perfect Guidance of Mankind; Prophet’s Day Celebration at London Mosque
1975, I Ahmadi Beliefs; Syed Shahab Ahmad on Ahmadi Persecution; Not in the Name of Allah; Hajj and Jama’at Ahmadiyya; A Balanced View: Recognizing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Services; Agony of 1974; On the Verdict of the Assembly
1974, III-IVInaugural Address to Annual Convention by M M Ahmad; Islamic View on Conversion by Force; Victory of Islam and the Promise Messiah; Muslim Contribution to Modern Science
1974, II A Message of Peace and a Word of Warning by Third Khalifa; The Fundamental Principles of Islam by Dr. Rab Nawaz Malik
1974, IKhalifa’s Address at 1973 Rabwah Jalsa; US Delegation to Rabwah; From Darkness to Light; “Assalamo Alaikum”; The Ahmadiyya Gazette
1973, IIInaugural Convention (Jalsa) Address by Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad; “Why Ahmadiyyat?” by Imam Sharif Ahmad Bajwa; “An American Muslim Visits Africa” by Hassan Hakeem; “Some Schemes of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III” by Mian Muhammad Ibrahim; “The Holy Prophet Muhammad: Exemplar of All Mankind” by Alhaj Abdul Rahim Zafar; “Personal Preparation for Our Struggle” by Yusuf Iman Ali
1973, IThe Living God: God Still Communicates with Man; Attitude of the Quran Towards Miracles; Challenge to Phariaic Priesthood: Nobody Dare Call Us Non-Muslims; The Divine Exemplars; Women’s Lib and Christianity
1972, IAllah: Unique Concept of God in Islam; Jehovah: True God or an Abomination?; The Nabteans: Remains of the People of Thamud
1971, VIThe Promised Victory and Our Duty; Fundamentals of Peace by Sir Zafrulla Khan; The Word of God and His Work; The Real Revolution; Discourse of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih III; Is Not Allah Sufficient for His Servants
1971, VKhalifatul Masih III’s Message to the 24th Annual Convention in Washington; What Hajj Is and Upon Whom it is Incumbent;
1971, IVPurpose of the Advent of the Promised Messiah; What Hajj Reminds Us; Purpose of Creation of Man; The Economic Structure of Islam
1971, IIITo Sin is Human, To Forgive Divine; A Sign of Acceptance of Prayer; The Fundamentals of Peace
1971, IILiving Signs of the Living God; Hope and Future of Mankind by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III; Pilgrimage to Mecca and its Blessings by Musleh Mau’ud; The Fundamentals of Peace by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Economic Structure of Islam (cont’d); The Promised Messiah (cont’d);
1971, I World Peace and Conference of Religions; How Abraham Sacrificed His Son; Supplication and Prayer; Jesus Did Not Die on The Cross
1970, VWorld Conference of Religion for Peace; Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III’s Tour of Africa; True Eid by Musleh Mau’ud; Economic Structure of Islam; Short Life Sketch of the Holy Prophet Muhammad; The Promised Messiah (cont’d)
1970, IVWorld Conference on Religion and Peace; Khalifatul Masih III’s Historic Tour Over West Africa; The Promised Messiah (cont’d)
1970, IIIA Tidings and a Warning; The Future of Islam is Bound Up with Africa; The Promised Messiah
1970, IIHoly Prophet A Mercy for Mankind; Sacrifice, The Secret of National Success; Space Ventures Prophesied in the Quran; The Promised Messiah (Part I)
1970, IThe Object of Man’s Creation; Islamic Economic System; Science and Religion
1969, IVMayor of Cleveland presents key to Ahmadiyya Community; Islam and Africa; Healings by the Prayers of the Promised Messiah
1969, IIA Challenge to Churches by Khalifatul Masih III; Poem: Our Beliefs and Motives; A Mighty Sign and Proof of the Truth of Islam: Man Lands on the Moon; History of Islam: Trust in God and Sincerity of the Holy Prophet; Arabic Words; Islam, the Best Religion
1969, IIslam the Best Religion; Important Arabic Sayings
1966, IIIIslamic Values in Education (Zafrulla Khan); “Islam: Democracy’s First Line of Defense” (US Rep John Wood)
1965, VGlory and Fall of Islam in Spain (Pt. 2); Communism & Democracy (Pt. 4)
1965, III-IVCommunism & Democracy (Pt. 3); Glory and Fall of Islam in Spain (Pt. 1); The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
1965, IThe United Nations; The Philosophy of Prayer; Communism and Democracy
1964, IIICitadel of Holiness; Why 400,000,000 follow Muhammad; Christian Faith
1959, IIIThe Church and Human Nature; The Role of the Minority in the Jewish Experience; Christian Missions and the Muslim World; Islam: Its Role in the Making of the New World; The Impact of Islam on Western Civilization; Book Reviews
1959, IIRevelation; Judaism and Islam; A new map of the Arab world; Open letter to the conscience of the West; Expansion of Islam in Africa
1959, IIslam and International Relations by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Nor Those Who Go Astray by S. Raymond Dunn; Book Reviews: The Gospels in Dispute (Edmund Perry); Christian Science Today: Power, Policy, Practice (Charles Braden)
1958, IVIslam in Modern History; Arab-Israeli Cooperation; Islam and Free Interpretation by Zafrulla Khan
1958, IIIThe Contribution of Islam to the Solution of the World’s Problems Today
1958, IIMuslims in the Soviet Union (Russia); Ten Years of the Jewish Newsletter; The Universe: An Accident or Design? by Sir Khan (Pt 2); Islam in Japan; Shah Wali-Ullah: A Great Muslim Saint
1958, ICatholic Worries in Africa; Anti-Semitism in Reverse; Cancer and Drinking; Why I Believe in Islam; Plight of Russian Muslims; Development of Chemistry in Islam (Ibn Hayyan)
1957, IVMosque in Germany; The Universe: An Accident or Design by Zarfulla Khan; Conflict in Algeria; Avicenna: The Universal Genius
1957, IIIMosque in Holland; Toward Understanding the Middle East; What is Islam; Ar-Razi: An Eminent Physician in Islam History
1957, IIIslam’s Contributions; Muslim-Christian Relations; Islam: The Perfect Religion; An Interpretation of Islam
1957, IIslamic Renaissance; Articles of Christian Faith; Did Virgin Mary Die?; Muslims in Soviet Russia; Two Days on Cross; God is Love; Islam and International Relations by Sir Khan; Israeli Citizen, Class B
1956, IVIslam and Foundations of Peace; The Virgin Birth; Freedom of Preaching and Political Entanglements; Islam and Human Rights; Mission in Spain; USSR (Russia) and Islam; Christian Missionaries in India
1956, IIIThe Problems of Peace and the UN; Northern Churches and Racism; Significance of the Cross; Frontiers of Knowledge and Humanity’s Hope for the Future by Sir Khan; Our Daily Bread; Islam and the West; Islam in East Africa
1956, II A Perfect Book; Russian Encyclopedia on Islam; Civilization on the Cross Roads (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Man’s Quest for Community and Brotherhood; Religion and Science
1956, ILord of the Worlds; Islam on State Functions; Polygamy; Faith V. Science; Vision at Vatican; Civilization at the Cross Roads (Pt 1) by Sir Khan; Christian Looks at Ahmadiyyat and Communism; Soviet Union (Russia); Middle East
1955, IVEid al Adhia; Pope on Hell; Faith and Reason; Billy Graham; Nature of Qur’anic Teachings by Sir Khan; Islamic Values in Education; Toynbee and the Jews; Religion and Government in Pakistan; Morocco
1955, IIIThe Exalted People; Islamic Concept of Man’s Place in the Universe (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Islam: the Misunderstood Religion; Man’s Right to Knowledge and Islam; Unknown Christ; Religion and the Laboratory
1955, II Gallup Poll and Belief in God; Segregation in the Churches; Islam’s Concept of Man’s Place in the Universe; Healing by Prayer; UN After Nine Years
1955, IBiblical Background of Islam; 300 Years of Jewish Immigration; Logic of Drinking; Mixed Congregations; Concept of Justice in Islam by Sir Khan; Peter’s Vision by Imam Orchard; Christian Hope; High Cost of Worship;
1954, IVLove Thy Neighbor; Christianity and Common Sense; Nature of Heaven and Hell; Nazarene Gospel; Catholics in World Council of Churches; Clerical Directory on Divorce; Pakistan and the UN; Christianity in India Under Fire; French in Morocco; Palestine Problem; Compromise in Faith; Islam as a Civilizing Force
1954, IIILetter to World Council of Churches; Christian Drama; Anti-Semitism in Israel; Malan’s Apartheid; New Look in Pastoral Journalism; Women in World Council of Churches; New Manuscripts of the Bible; Islam and Marxism; Experiments in New Fields; Women in Islam
1954, IIJesus and Divorce; Zionist Designs in Palestine; Drinking in College, UK; West Africa; May Day as Christian Holiday; Christian Hope; Translation Principles of Standard Version; Muslims in Communist Countries; French in Algeria; Ibn Khaldun: Muslim Historian; Religious Promotions; Muslim Geographers and Explorers
1954, IIslamic Heritage and the UN; Muhamamd in the Bible; Value Judgements and the Study of Religions; Future of Pakistan; Al-Ghazali
1953, IV Islam and International Relations; Challenge of Communism and Islam; CURRENT TOPICS: Marriage, divorce and the Church of England; American stake in the Middle East; Islam’s influence upon Western thought
1953, IIIObject of Life and How to Attain It; Significance of Eid al Adhia; Al-Biruni: A Great Muslim Scientist; Golden Age of Islam; Arab Refugees
1953, IITeachings to the Followers; Existence of God and the Holy Qur’an; Prophet of Islam by Sir Khan; Islam and Universal Brotherhood
1953, ITeachings to the Followers; Muhammad, Kindred of Humanity; Some Highlights on the New Testament; Jewish Christianity and Pauline Christianity
1952, IV Islam and Communism; Democracy’s first line of defense; United Kingdom of Libya; CURRENT TOPICS: The West: Debtor to Islamic genius; Dangers of eating pork; Origins of Christianity
1952, IIICommunism and Democracy (Pt 4); Jesus in Heaven on Earth: A Review; Jesus in the Qur’an (Pt 3)
1952, IICommunism and Democracy (Pt 3); Islam and World Affairs (Pt 3) by Sir Khan; Jesus in the Qur’an (Pt 2); Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Views on Disarmament; A.B.C. of Christology; Story of Resurrection
1952, ISecond Advent of Jesus Christ and the New Testament (Pt 2); Prayer for the UN; Islam and World Affairs (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Beware of Pork; Jesus in the Qur’an
1951, IVSecond Advent of Jesus and the New Testament (Pt 1); Islam and World Affairs (Pt 1) by Sir Khan; Preaching of Islam in Indonesia
1951, IIIPakistan’s Observations on Japanese Peace Treaty; Short Sketch of Muslim History (Pt 2) by Prof Abdus Salam; Forgotten Arab Refugees; Public Morality in America; Assumption of Mary
1951, II Communism and Democracy (Pt 2); Islam and Peace; Color Prejudice in West Africa; Arab Refugees; Fanciful Falsehoods in the Bible; Christian Conscience and Modern Drinking; Short Sketch of Muslim History
1951, I Communism and Democracy (Pt 1); Moral Principles as the Basis of Islamic Culture
1950, IV Penal System in Islam; Islam and Peace; Muslim of Ceylon; Pakistan and the UN; The Assumption of Mary: A Believers Explanation of the New Catholic Dogma; Equity in Islam; Book Reviews
1950, III Religious Life in Pakistan; My Faith by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Role of Muslim Women in Arab History; Suppression of Civil Liberties in India; Islam v. Communism; Historical Role of Muhammad; A Message from Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
1950, II New Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam; Religion and Its Function; Fasting in Islam; Muslim Attitude Toward Christians; Tolerance in Islam; A Vindication of Islam in America
1950, I The Nature of Prayer; Islam and Religious Tolerance; A Word to the Church; Non-Muslims Under Islamic Government; Orders from the Vatican; Our Magazine Changes its Name; Book Reviews
1949, IV A Message to the [American] Ahmadi Muslims by Khalifatul Masih II; Fundamentals of an Islamic State; Mankind: One Community; Solution of Color Prejudice; Islam in Africa
1949, IIIWho is a Perfectly Righteous Muslim?; Hajj: The Pilgrimage to Mecca; Structure of Muslim Society in Inner Mongolia; Book Review
1949, IIThe Existence of God; Islam on War and Peace; Bodily Resurrection of Jesus; Islam in Pakistan and India; Objectives Resolution (Pakistan’s charter); Crimes in England; Book Review
1949, IThe State of Church in the Present World; The Fulfillment of Abraham’s Prayer; Future of Islam in Pakistan; Indonesia in World Affairs; Among the Periodicals: Miracles of Jesus, Immorality in Great Britain; Disagreement in the Bible; No Place for Divorce in the Church; Book Review
1948, IV Ahmadiyyat Opens a New Chapter in America; First Martyr of Islam in America; Social Aspect of Islamic Teaching; Arab Refugees; Catholic Dogma in the Making; Verdict on Divorce; New Moslem Dominion, Pakistan; Former Dean of St. Paul’s on the Bible
1948, III Islam Gives a New World Order; Contradiction in the New Testament; An American Journalist Looks at Pakistan; U.S. Government’s Role in Creation of Zionist State; Church: Wilful Violator of Minority Rights; Prayers of 11 Faiths; God is Love
1948, II Agony of Kashmir; Language of the New Testament; Influence of Qur’an on the Moslems; Church Cannot Blush; Ethics and the Development of Christian Religion
1948, I The Laws of Distribution of Wealth in Islam; Farewell to Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Peace Can be Saved Through Islam; The Palestine Problem; India-Pakistan Dispute on Kashmir; Significance of Hadith; Get-Together Pleader; Segregation in the Christian Church; How Islam Abolished Slavery; Christianity in Amerca
1947, II-III Islamic Economic System; Toward Islam (Sufi M.R. Bengalee); What is Wrong with U.N.O.?; Russian Influence in Arab Lands; Welcome to Ch. Ghulam Yasin; Why Bloodshed in India?; Religion in England; Book Review: Who Crucifed Christ?; Significant Parallels (Contd); World Troubles and the Way Out
1947, I Islamic Economic System; Democracy in Islam; Modern Turkey; The Sudan and Egypt; Significant Parallels by Maulvi Sher Ali, BA; Divorce in England; Shortage of Men
1946, IV Islam and World Peace (Contd); Science and the Eistence of God; The Case for the Arabs; Our Divorce Courts Reach Record; A New Biography of Muhammad
1946, III Beautiful Names of God; Islam and World Peace by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Islamic vs. Capitalistic and Communistic Systems of Economics; Islam and its Ideals; Welcome to Mirza Munawar Ahmad; Arab Nationalism and the Mufti of Jerusalem
1946, II Welcome to Khalil Ahmad Nasir; Life and Work of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement (Contd); Ethiopia Today; The Renunciation of Self; Russia and Iran; Russia and Turkey; Kurdistan
1946, I The Renunciation of Self; Jesus’ Journey to India According to Buddhist Records; Unity of Arab Nations; King Ibn Saud’s Letter to President Roosevelt; Democracy for Palestine; Turkey in WWII
1945, IV Oil Guides Saudi Arabia’s Future; Confucianism; Life and Work of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Ahmadiyya Mission House in Lagos; I Like Me, a poem; No Russian Democracy; Threat of the Atomic Bomb; India as Creditor; Arab Women on Palestine; Chronology of WWII
1945, IIIIslamic Principles of World Reconstruction; Communal Issues in India by Sir Khan; Blessings of Ramadhan; New Arab Federation; Kutub Minar; Bookshelf
1945, IIThe New Order; A New Plan for India by Sir Khan; The Next Step in India; Palestine Problem; Liquor Traffic in America
1945, IGod is Everything; The New Order; Cultural Influence of Islam in India; A Mighty Prophecy; Noah; Religion in Russia; Hills; Mighty Prophecies
1944, IVAl-Ghazzali; History of Christmas; Turkey and the Soviet Union; Economic Potentiality of India; Religion in America; Peasant Life in Afghanistan; World Troubles and the Way Out
1944, IIIAlchemy of Happiness; Islam and World Peace; Pan-Arab Movement; How Islam was Spread
1944, IISecret of Sacrifice in Eid al Adhia; Love of God; Palestine; India’s War Effort and Its Significance; Japan’s War on Christianity; My Hand in God’s; Fundamental Teachings of Islam
1944, IPerfect Religion: Its Characteristics; Muhammad, the Liberator of Women; Ten Rules of Conduct; Mussolini on Trial; Triumph of Islamic Ethics; The Bengal Famine
1943, IVAlchemy of Happiness; Shortage of Husbands; Lesson of Syria; Islam on World Peace
1943, IIIAlchemy of Happiness; Taoism; Fast of Ramadhan; Islamic Method of Slaughter (Halal); Blot on the Good Name of America; Turkey, a New Nation
1943, IIQuestions about God; Facts and Forces; Alchemy of Happiness; Islam and the Post-War World; Islamic Culture; A Raprochment with Islam
1943, IMosque and the Church; Islam, My Only Choice; “All Men Are Created Equal”; Palestine–The Arab View; Ethiopia Today; First Ahmadiyya Mosque; Book Reviews
1942, IVSupreme Forgiveness by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; An Address by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Islamic Principles on the Post War Reconstruction; Spirit of Islamic Culture; Reveal Nazi Steps to Kill Christianity; Islam the Universal Religion
1942, IIISpirit of Islamic Culture; Morning Call to Prayer; Mighty Prophecies; Facts and Forces; Mankind at the Crossroads
1942, IISoul of Islamic Worship; Best Way to Win War; Facts and Forces; Right to Property; Philosophy of Sin; Life of Muhammad
1942, IIslamic Conception of God; Toward Islam; Facts and Forces; Philosophy of Ablution (Wudu); Arabic Poem; Muhammad by Omar Cleveland; Comments on the Life of Muhammad by H.G. Young
1941, IIWhat is the Meaning of “Union with God”?; Foundations for a New World Order; Dawn of Islam by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Nutritional Value of Pork; Muslim Population of the World; Ideals of Islam by Omar Cleveland
1941, ITomb of Akbar Shah; Why I Believe in Islam; Christianity Versus Atheism; Ethiopia and Italy; France and Her Empire; Lajna Ima-Illah; The Step-Mother Complex
1940, IVAlhambra; How Can Mankind Be Saved from Destruction? by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Pork as the Victor of Fatal Disease; The Case for Chastity; Means of Moral Improvement; Islam, the Religion of Peace; Holy Qur’an
1940, IIIMosque of Kait-Bey; Fast of Ramadhan; Changing of the Qibla; Prayers of Eleven Faiths; Today by Omar Cleveland; Western Writers on the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Islam; Life After Death; M.M. Sadiq’s Message to the American People
1940, IITaj Mahal; Trust in God; Farewell Sermon of the Holy Prophet; Facts and Forces; Hajj (Pilgrimage); Khilafat Jubilee Celebration; Ahmadiyya Movement Encricles the Globe; Press Notices; Diseases Transmitted by Pork; Zionism
1940, IMuhammad, the Liberator of Women; Activities of the Mosque in Chicago; Address Presented to Khalifatul Masih II on the Occasion of Khilafat Silver Jubilee; Holy Prophet Muhammad and World Peace; Happiness by Omar Cleveland
1939, IVHow can International Peace be Secured?; Moral and Spiritual Reconstruction of the World; Why I Embraced Islam by Titus Smith; The Great Quest; Arabs of Palestine; the Ahmadiyya Movement by Sufi M.R. Bengalee
1939, IIIExistence of God; How I Embraced Islam by Mrs. Inez Cluff; Who Was Sacrificed: Ishmael or Isaac?: The Glory that was Spain; Future Religion of Mankind; Islamic Formulations and Expressions; In the Kaaba; Sec-Repression is a Monstrous Sin
1939, IIA Qur’anic Hymm; Meccan Life of Prophet Muhammad; The World Drifts Toward Unity
1939, IProphet Muhammad’s Accomplishments; Kemal Ataturk: A Life Sketch; Jewish Rights and Claims to Palestine; Values of the Holy Qur’an; Islamic Fellowship by Omar Cleveland
1938, IIIIslamic Conception of Private Ownership; Islam and Unity; Bible and Qur’an; Triumph of Peace and Brotherhood; Islam, the Greatest Integrating Force; Islam, a Universal Religion; Islamic Formulas and Expressions
1938, IIIslamic Form of Government; Spiritual Aspect of Islam; Islam on Religious Peace; Eid al Adhia Celebrated in America; Kaaba at Mecca; Islam’s Contribution to Science and Civilization; Islam, the Greatest Integrating Force
1938, ISpirituality in Islam by Zafrulla Khan; Palestine Problem; Prophet Day; Why I Became a Muslim; A Lesson out of the Qur’an; Islam on International Relations; Was Islam Spread by the Sword?
1937, ITo Our Readers; Relation of Man to God; Sir M. Zafrulla Khan and His Message to the World; Palestine Problem; Activities by Chicago Mosque; Islam’s Contribution to Science and Civilization; How Islam Cures Economic Ills; Muslim Architecture; Status of Woman in Islam
1935, IV The Will; Prayer by Omar Cleveland; Points of interest in Muhammad’s career; Islam: the unity of religions; Education in Turkey; Arabia before Islam
1935, IIICall to Truth; Keys to Moral Evolution; Toward Islam; Mohammed, the Desired of All Nations; Why I Am a Muslim by Omar Cleveland; Western Writers on Islam; Islam on Marriage; A Persian Ode; A Meeting at Chicago Mosque; Press Notices
1935, IIThe Lode Star; Tomb of Jesus Christ; Islam and Brotherhood; Ahmadiyya Mission News; Awakening of Muslims in America; Corrrespondence; Address at Goodwill Program Station WWAE by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Arabia Before Islam
1935, IAl Wasiyyat (The Will); Muhammad, the Modern Prophet; Prayer; Ahmadiyya News Abroad; Points of Interest in Muhammad’s Career; Islam-The Unity of Religions; Education in Turkey; Arabia Before Islam
1934, I-IITeachings essential to be a true Muslim;
1934, IIIThe Lode Star; Islam promotes world unity, peace and progress; When history is fiction; Islam and brotherhood; Arabia under Ibn Saud; Muhammad: the modern prophet
1933, III-IVIslam’s Message to America; Five pillars of Islam; Islam–The Solution of World Problems; Call of Islam; Islam and Science; Islamic Funeral Ceremonies; Modern Missionary Movement in Islam
1932-33, I-IIAttributes of God; Soul’s Voice; Prophetic Mission of Muhammad; Islam’s Attitude Towards Christianity by Dr. Sadiq; Short Sketches from Qadian; Quest of Islam; Religion and Art; Tragedy of Prejudice; Two Slave Leadersof Islam: Bilal and Zaid; Tomb of Jesus
1931-32, IIIIslam and Liquor; Existence of God; Why I Became Muslim; Conquest of Fear; Light of Islam; Islam’s Contributions to Western Civilization; My Impressions of Qadian by Abdullah Scott; Muhammad’s Character
1931-32, IIIn Justice to Islam by Enrico Flory; The Guides of Islam; Is Faith in God Necessary?; What is Islam?; Ahmadiyya Mission in America; Islamic Ideals; Muhammad at Medina
1931-32, IReligion and science; Islam on economic justice; The Democracy in Islam; Islam and the religious mind; An Occidental looks at an Oriental religion; What is Islam?; The tomb of Jesus Christ; Western writers on Islam
1930, II Object of man’s life; State of human soul after death; Was Islam spread by the sword?; God and the prophets; Islam’s moral code; Purity of heart is key to happiness; Sincerity; Sense about Islam; Beauties of Islam
1930, IMuhammad – The Liberator of Women; Why I am a Mohammedan; What Would Muhammad Say to Chicago; A Letter to the President and His Reply; The Secret of Happiness; Islam’s Gift to Me; Western Writers on Islam;
1924, IIMirza Bashir Ahmad; Worldly-Minded; What Messiah Says; Our Loyalty; Holy Manifestation; Matthew Examined; An Ode; Our Mission; Be a Muslim; Godless Civilization; Dr. Sadiq in Paris; Democracy in Islam; New Muslims; Impposibility of Unity; Beware Liberal Christians; Man a Liar; Swedenborgian Church
1924, IThe inaugural issue of the Moslem Sunrise, published under founding editor, Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
1923, IVDivine Love; Religion of Peace; London Eid Gathering; Reincarnation; Parable of Vineyard; Compulsory Polygamy; Learned Egyptian Explorer; Crescent or Cross; Why Pamper Them?; Honoring the Prophet; A Bogus Gospel; The Sabbath-When?; Prayer of Jesus; Tu Quo Que; Dr. Sadiq; Harding
1923, II-IIIRecent Word of God; Moslem America; Brief Report; New Converts; Press Notices; News Abroad; Moslem Prayers; Moslem History
1923, ILast 3 Chapters of Qur’an; Mauritius; Two to Meet; Four American Muslim Ladies; M.M. Sadiq; Call to Prayer; 14 Prophecies; Messiah Claims; Listen the Leader; City v. Country; Abdullah Omar; Missionary Epistles; Brief Report; Cross or Christ; East and West; Why Blame Jews; Christian Missionaries; Jesus no Divine; Dead Revived
1922, IVMessage to Turks; 70 Commandments; Islam My Saviour; Jesus and Modern Christians; At the Feet of the Master; Bible Not Oldest; Why Men Go Wrong; Existence of God; Swine’s Flesh; Arabic Phrases; Catechism; Poor John; Mormons; The Turk
1922, IIIImperative Commandments; Challenge to the Christian World; Shaikh Abdullah Din (J.L. Mott); Jesus on the Cross; Real Enemies of the Bible; Jesus’ Tomb; Press Notices; Blind West; Pope’s Letter
1922, IINew Converts to Islam; Prophet Muhammad; Significant Sayings of Famous Men; Don’t Be a Hypocrite; Forty Don’ts from the Qur’an; Significance of Bai’at; Word of Tribute from a Christian;
1922, IProhibition of Prohibition in America; Truths about Islam; Mohammedanism in America; Poem by Sister Rahatullah
1921, IIFirst American Ahmadi Muslim; Advice to the Muhammadans in America; A Day at Qadian; Report of Missionary Work in America; The Only Solution of Color Prejudice; I do not Blame the Bible
1921, IThe inaugural issue of the Moslem Sunrise, published under founding editor, Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq