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The Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (sa), lived an exemplary life not only for his followers but also as a role model on a universal scale for all humanity. He was an orphan at birth, never attended any school to learn how to read or write, and yet, before passing away at the age of sixty-three, he had become both the spiritual and secular leader of almost all of Arabia. Over time, the religion of Islam that he had established spread with incredible speed and it remains the fastest-growing religion globally. His followers also instituted a secular empire unparalleled in history. Presently, he has more than 1.9 billion followers, and they are in the majority in at least fifty countries.

Prophet Muhammad (sa) was a family man who lived an extremely simple life and a leader who faced tremendous atrocities at the hands of his opponents. Attempts were hatched to murder him, and he had to leave his hometown. In exile, the enemy followed; he and his followers had to face many deadly battles. In the end, he returned to his hometown victoriously with ten thousand of his followers. Instead of seeking revenge, he pardoned even his most bitter enemies and won them over with love and mercy.

God revealed the Holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad (sa) over a period of twenty-three years, and he acted upon its commandments so meticulously that he was known as the Qur’an personified. He believed in the Unity of God and worshipped Him day and night. He invited the Arab pagans who used to worship various other gods and goddesses not to associate anyone with the one true God. And he succeeded in his mission during his lifetime. He was enabled to guide and to ensure that his followers learned to live according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an; he brought about a moral, ethical and spiritual revolution. He remained fully steadfast in the face of lethal and unrelenting adversity. He helped the poor and all those mistreated by arrogant and cruel Arabs of his time. His beneficiaries included women, neighbors, needy relatives, and afflicted natives.

Out of the numerous exceptional features of his character as a universal role model, constraints of space allow us to select only a few to share with you; We hope you will enjoy reading the articles and will send us your feedback.

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Last modified: March 2022

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